Fun With Phonograms

Tired of your boring, dry reading programs? Try adding these to your program! Young children enjoy doing multi-sensory activities such as cut and paste, coloring, word wheels, and sorting. These packets contain cut and paste activities designed to teach children single and multi-letter phonogram combinations. The activities build motor skills and develop higher level behaviors of sorting and classifying. Pages can be saved and reused for extra practice.

Fun with Phonograms Set A: This set teaches the single letter phonograms. Children improve their motor skills by cutting, pasting, coloring, and sorting. Learning the 3 sounds of A become more memorable through sorting the food for the ants in their ant colony.

Fun with Phonograms Set B: This set introduces phonograms 27-54. Children will learn the 5 different ways to make the “er” sound (er, ir, ur, wor, ear) as well as other important combinations. Like Set A, this includes cut and paste, sorting, and coloring.

Fun with Phonograms Set C: This set finishes the phonograms54-72. Children will learn combinations such as igh three letter “i”, ough, and gu two letter “g”. Like the previous sets this uses fun cut and paste, sorting, and coloring activities.

Fun with Word Reading: This great packet allows children to create manipulatives such as word wheels to better review multi-letter phonogram combinations. Children can play with Wrinkles the Dog to learn the different words that start with the phonogram “wr”.

Fun with Handwriting: Practice your handwriting with fun pictures to color that illustrate the multi-letter phonograms. Space is provided below the pictures for story writing or phonogram/word dictation practice. Students will enjoy writing words that go with the pictures and can have fun coloring while teachers monitor individual progress.

These great products can be used with various reading programs, with each other, or by themselves.