“Fun with Phonograms” products have been in existence since 1986 and were copyrighted and created by career educator, certified reading specialist, and school principal,  Cindy Franklin. They have been used by schools and home-school parents with great results.

In 1996, Franklin Phonetic Primary School was formed. This school uses “Fun with Phonograms” products exclusively in the primary grades. The school has earned an Excelling rating for the past 13 years and has earned top scores on academic measures of student  achievement.

Teachers who use phonetic methods such as Orton-Gillingham, Dettner, Total Reading, Riggs, Open Court, and Spalding find these products to be invaluable additions to their program. Fun with Phonograms products can also be used to fulfill the phonetic requirement of any reading program completely on it’s own.

By learning 72 phonograms and 28 spelling rules, 85% of all words in the English language can be decoded and spelled correctly.

For students in kindergarten, preschool or beginning readers it is suggested to begin with “Fun With Phonograms set A. Copymasters”. The Phonogram Circus kit has teaches the 26 alphabet phonograms by using melodic songs and stories.  Additional worksheets featuring the characters are also included.  To learn the multi-letter phonograms the songs and stories of The Phonogram Zoo provide a fun way to use music to learn these sound-letter combinations.  These skills are also enhanced in Fun With Phonograms Copymasters B and C.  Older students may benefit from the “SpellingTown” video which teaches 28 rules for spelling. Other products include “Fun With Word Reading” and “Fun With Handwriting”

In the past, we were unable to do things such as accept credit cards, and there was no online location to order from. That is no longer the case. We are now in the process of switching over the entire “Fun with Phonograms” product line to our new online store. Most of the products are already available, and the rest will be available soon. In the meantime feel free to contact “Excellence in Education”. This fine store has been carrying “Fun With Phonograms “worksheets for many years and features many other fine products that will fulfill your classroom needs.

If you’ve ordered from us in the past, you may notice slight differences in the products. These differences will be most notable to our worksheet packets. Our online printer does not offer plain sheet printing, so these packets will now come bound in a neat book format ready for duplication in your class or home. Please do note that even though these worksheets are designed to be reproduced, you will still need one copy of the book per classroom. Some other differences will be our color picture sets, which will now also be bound in a book, and will have versions with or without the stories printed on them.