Phonogram Zoo Part A

Phonogram Zoo Part A is now available on Createspace or for $15. The DVD contains 17 all new Phonogram Zoo videos & 5 Bonus videos from Spelling Town as well as a coupon code for $15 off the full Phonogram Zoo DVD when it comes out.

(27-31 Spelling Town Bonus) The Early Birds Spelling School
“er”, “ir”, “ur”, “wor”, “ear”
(32) Sherry the Shark “sh”
(33) Beeson the Green Tree Frog “ee”
(34) Theodore Thrush “th”
(35-36) Aileen the Airedale “ai”, “ay”
(37) Owen the Owl “ow”
(38) Groucho the Hound “ou”
(39-40) Oimond the Oyster “oi”, “oy”
(41-42) Audrey the Auk and Squawky Macaw “au”, “aw”
(44) Bruit the Bruin “ui”
(45) Kooky the Coot and his Bassoon “oo”
(46) Charlie the Chipmunk “ch”
(47) Wang the Orangutan “ng”
(48) The Eagles in the Nest “ea”
(49) Arthur and Arlene Armadillo “ar”
(50 Spelling Town Bonus) Buck the Buck “ck”
(51 Speling Town Bonus) Ed the Zookeeper “ed”
(52) Orville the Orca “or”
(53) Whiskers the Tiger “wh”
(60) Natalie the Knapsack Knitting Squirrel “kn”
(64 Spelling Town Bonus) Madge the Badger “dge”
(67-69 Spelling Town Bonus) “ti”, “si”, “ci”
Horatio, Anastasia and Patricia

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